Our main target is to emphasis on the bar yet evolution is what we seek, therefore in order to have an even greater service for any event we have gathered a group of experienced waitresses and in addition to both we came up with our Shooter Girls.

Bar Rentals
Bars depend on "The Type of Event", "The Venue" and "The Cocktail Menu". It can be from a simple table to a custom made one or a fully equipped professional one. The choice is to be made according to what fits best in order to have an accessible convenient set up beautifully decorated by PMB.

Glasses.... You can’t imagine the impression it brings using attractive glassware with eye-catching garnish. Check the pictures and let the palate come to your imagination. The glassware is to be chosen according to the cocktail menu.

The Booze, The Mixes
Whether you want us to send the list or supply you with it, we at PMB deal with all major purveyors, our rule number one is to work with only the best and again The Choice is Yours...